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    Over the past week I beta-tested a very useful application for all those BlackBerry users out there whose carriers limit the length of SMS text messages to 160 characters. The application is made by the developer of QuickText.

    After I contacted him, this is the email I received:


    I appreciate your interest in beta testing. The app is called Beyond160, and
    it does just what the name says. It allows you to go beyond the 160
    character limit imposed by carriers such as Verizon, Sprint, and Alltel on
    their BlackBerries, such as your Storm. Here's an example of how you would
    use it.

    You're composing a text message and you hit the 160 character limit and get
    the "Field Full" message. Simply go to the menu and choose "Go Beyond160" to
    switch to Beyond160 and keep typing as much as you want. When you send the
    message, Beyond160 will automatically break it up into multiple parts
    (approximately 160 characters each) and send them in sequence using markers
    like (1/3), (2/3), (3/3), etc.

    You can also go to the app directly using the icon and choose your contacts
    from there. That should be pretty straight forward, but let me know if it
    isn't. Basically, I am looking for any problems, errors, points of
    confusion, or suggestions you might have to make it better. Any feedback you
    can give is helpful.

    Okay, here's the direct download link to use on your BlackBerry:


    Also, be sure to check the options because you'll need to enable the
    "alternate copy methods" for it to work properly on your Storm. The trial
    will expire after 24 hours, and I want that feature to be tested to make
    sure it does expire properly. I will probably have a new update by then.

    Also, if you have QuickText or want to try it out, then download this
    version as it will work together with Beyond160:


    Let me know if you have any questions or problems. Thanks.

    David <><

    -- David Cannon
    -- Cannon Software
    -- Developer of QuickText
    -- david@cannonsoft.com
    He explains the functionality of the application much better than I could so I figure I'd just quote the email.

    Although the program is still beta, one wouldn't know it. With the exception of an isolated freezing issue I had no problems with the app for my 24 hour trial and it continues to work great with my registered version.

    For those who already have QuickText, Beyond160 will automatically open when you select a contact through QuickText.

    According to David, the reason why Storm users must enable "alternate copy methods" is because of a bug in OS 4.7 that will not allow a direct transfer of the information in the native SMS to Beyond160. Because of this, Storm users will notice an uglier but still functional automatic highlight/copy/paste of the text into Beyond160. The good news is that David says RIM has already recognized this bug and he hopes it gets fixed in the future.

    I strongly encourage BlackBerry users who are bugged by the 160 character limit to purchase, download, or however it ends up being released to get this application onto your BlackBerrys! The beta works great right now so when it is released I'm sure it will be rock solid!

    Thanks again David from Cannon Software if you end up reading this!
    05-04-09 11:48 AM
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    If someone would be kind enough to post a link to a screenshot application I will be glad to post some when I get some more time. For those who still aren't entirely sure how the application works I believe the screenshots will prove useful.
    05-04-09 11:50 AM
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    how do you change the alternate copy methods
    05-10-09 08:36 PM
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    actually i just figured it out....but mine does not work on my storm but i do have the .141 OS/ .5 blend
    05-10-09 08:38 PM
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    Man this dang app doesnt even work with 5.0 and they still havent came up with a fix. Major FAIL. WARNING: DONT BUY IF YOUR USING 5.0.
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    01-28-10 02:46 PM