1. dlrogers81's Avatar
    Anyone else noticing this also? It has the temp about 10 degrees off from what it actually is. Very frustrating! I've always wanted this app, but would not pay 10$ for it, and now that we got it for free, it seems to really not be accurate at all. Any suggestions/ideas?

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    03-10-12 07:13 AM
  2. rgorman's Avatar
    Higher or Lower? A LOT depends on where the local reporting station is located. Airports are usually the most common stations and are not indicative of actual temps a few miles away. It is usually in an open area with more exposure. For example, JFK is located near the ocean- making temps cooler in summer than a few miles away further inland. In winter the water makes the temps a few degrees warmer than away from the water.
    03-10-12 07:59 AM