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    I have been using BeWeather on a number of devices and OS's over the years. I meant to ask other users if they see the following:

    When using Current Location, my Dew Point always shows as -573 degrees, and my Wind always shows as NA, no matter where I am or what local weather station I'm connected to, in the Full Daily view. I recently came back from a long trip (16 hour drive), and as my location changed, the weather stations updated automatically. But the Dew Point and Wind always remained the same at -573 c and Wind NA.

    All "fixed" locations (locations that I've typed in manually) are fine and show normal Dew Points and Wind, it's just the Current Location that shows up in this way.

    Anyone else notice this? I did a search but could have missed a post (admittedly I didn't wade through the huge BerryWeather Icons post though).
    08-02-12 08:19 PM
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    been using BeWeather for years and never seen that. The only issue I have which started a few months back was that it won't pick up my cell location anymore. I have to use GPS which ticks me off.
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    08-02-12 08:27 PM
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    When you get weather data that don't make sense it usually happens when you are getting weather data from a so called PWS (personal weather station).

    These stations are often run by regular people in their backyard and can obviously not be as reliable as the big commercial airport weather stations.

    Try switching to the next airport nearby using the 'Nearby Weather Stations' function.
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    08-03-12 01:56 PM
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    Thanks both, for your replies.

    I'm unable to choose another nearby weather station in Location mode; HOWEVER, I am apparently not nearly as observant as I thought. Last night I decided to switch my STATIC station to the same one that my location mode was using (I had never thought of it all this time), and...

    ... sure enough, my static location was also reading funky dew points and wind.

    This also means that during my trip, I was mistaken in my assertion that "every" weather location had funky dew points and wind. Or I had a big string of coincidences! But seriously, I guess I hadn't noticed that [probably] most had correct dew points and wind.

    My mistake, false alarm! (i.e. thanks!)
    08-03-12 02:07 PM