1. trsbbs's Avatar
    Been getting "http:response code 503" since late last night?

    Anyone else?

    02-25-13 06:41 AM
  2. trsbbs's Avatar
    Opened a ticket at Bellshare but it probably is an issue at WU.
    Ticket ID #STF-619-80217

    I am just waiting for the TWC to cut our feeds since purchasing WU.

    02-25-13 06:49 AM
  3. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    Same here currently, 9850 on Verizon in Florida.
    Was working about one hour ago as of this posting, but not now.
    02-25-13 06:50 AM
  4. petes03's Avatar
    I have the same error on a 9800 AT&T Erie,PA
    02-25-13 07:02 AM
  5. bryanh99's Avatar
    Same problem here - works at 7:00 am but now just 503 errors.
    02-25-13 08:06 AM
  6. joeldf's Avatar
    Well, at least I'm not alone. Same here in South Louisiana. Didn't know if it was local, but it looks to be system wide.
    02-25-13 08:24 AM
  7. Kris Gent's Avatar
    Looks like it is a Weather Underground problem. My WU desktop widget is also failing to update. I also had some earlier issues updating my weather station info to WU.
    02-25-13 08:28 AM
  8. joeldf's Avatar
    Not ten minutes after I posted, it started working again.

    Anyone one else back up?
    02-25-13 08:36 AM
  9. trsbbs's Avatar
    Yep. Seems to be working now.


    Sent from my BlackBerry 9850
    02-25-13 08:45 AM
  10. petes03's Avatar
    working now
    02-25-13 09:19 AM
  11. DaFoxGrey's Avatar
    Working OK now
    02-25-13 11:52 AM

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