1. brysonj's Avatar
    i am getting this error can anyone please help. The license has been activated on another device please use the license transfer tool at Bellshare - Activation Code Support to transfer your code to this device. I went to that site and it just keeps saying i always entering the wrong code which i am not is there another way of contacting this company. any help on this matter would be great thank you
    03-24-10 07:44 PM
  2. scarinzi's Avatar
    Bellshare GmbH - Kayako eSupport Help Desk Software

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    03-25-10 12:37 AM
  3. silberj's Avatar
    I had this problem when I installed the latest hybrid and tried to activate. I believe the version included in the hybrid is 1.6, and I activated with version 2.0+. If this is the case, delete the 1.6 version, download and install the latest, attempt to register, and you should be fine. Took me awhile, but I finally figured it out.
    03-25-10 09:10 AM