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    Multiple device? I have a storm 2 and a curve 8530 that i switch back and forth at least every 2 weeks. i bought WB Elite on the storm and transferred it to the curve, contacted the company for the device change and got a new code within a day or two. The app continued to work on the Storm when i went back to it a week later. My question is... Can i do the same thing for BeWeather? Using the trial version now and really like the app vs the WB app and would like to buy it. But i don't want to pay 20$ for my two phones.( but i do want the developer to get paid... can only use one phone at a time anyway) Am i crazy or is this ok and even possible or is this a bad idea?

    And in case you wonder why the two phones.... sometimes you feel like a keyboard other times you want a giant touch screen.. nuff said.
    05-07-10 06:46 PM
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    No, this is a stupid idea, and eventually Bellshare will get tired of sending you a new code every however many days, and leave you stuck with it on one device and more than likely forcing you into buying it for your other phone anyways.

    I hate to be blunt, but if you really want it on both phones, you pay for both phones. My best friend would REALLY like a copy of BW, but I can't just 'swap devices' to his phone, get his activation code, and switch back to mine. He has to buy it, because it's a different device.
    05-07-10 07:01 PM
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    I think u misunderstood me.. I only had to contact Wb once to get a code for the curve. Then when I switched back to the storm it was still working with its original code. I didn't have to recontact the vendor to get it to work it just worked.

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    05-07-10 07:06 PM
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    No, the old codes get deactivated and don't work once you change it with a new PIN. I think you misunderstand.
    05-07-10 07:57 PM
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    I can power both phones on right now and load Wb elite on each. One obviously will only connect on wifi right now but both work.

    I take it that it shouldn't work like that and it probable was only a glitch in there system in my favor that allowed it to happen in the first place. I will be buying beweather on at least one phone.

    It was just a question no need to get mean about it. I would like to hear from others regarding this situation as I feel others may be in the same boat when faced with a more expensive app purchase for multiple devise such as myself. By no means do I intent to or feel it right to rip off a developer and wasn't wanting to stir the pot about stealing software. If I buy an app for my computer under a personal license I can install it on more than one machine for personal use. Why should this be any different on a smartphone?

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    05-07-10 08:07 PM
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    Technically, with some software, you can only legally install it on one machine. And because those are not third party developers that live in a college dorm. You're using faceless corporations as a basis to compare to app developers, who are normal people just trying to make some extra money on their application. Despite Bellshare being a company, it's a very very small company, definitely under 20 people.

    But whatever, do what you want. I'm telling you the right thing to do is buy two copies of the application, but you do whatever saves you the most money, since that's what's most important.
    05-07-10 08:11 PM
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    And in this day and age saving money is important. Small company or not there app is priced higher than most. I feel that being a small company with a good product earns them the right to charge that higher price. But 10$ no matter how you justify it is still a pricy app. I would gladly pay for two copies if the company would offer a discount for the second copy... At least show that you care to make a customer happy. Myself faced with a 20$ purchase vs say 15$ purchase to get what I want = no brainer. On the other hand I could stick with WB that cost 5$ but lose out on app quality.

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    05-07-10 08:20 PM
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    So use your 20% coupon from the first purchase. Save 4 bucks.
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    05-07-10 08:21 PM
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    What 20% coupon?

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    05-07-10 08:22 PM
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    With most Mobihand purchases, you get a coupon somewhere in the email receipt that says "Save 20% on your next software purchase! Code: SJFK24R23LK4JLRFWEJFL4" <---not real, but it looks like that.
    05-07-10 08:31 PM
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    Wait for it to go on sale if $ is what your worried about. I purchased mines for 6.99.

    I personally would buy 2 copies but cash isn't a problem for me. If its working for you now its possible that bellshare hasn't disabled one of your pins probably b/c their super busy, it will happen.

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    05-07-10 09:52 PM
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    With a lot of apps, the serial is based off your pin. They don't keep a database or anything of which devices they'll send data to. So if you get an unlock code for a pin, that unlock code should always be good for that device.
    I may be wrong for this app; I know tether isn't like that for example.
    But to all you people saying how wrong it is to have it on 2 devices, it's the same as ripping a cd onto your computer unless the tos say you can only run it on one device. You bought a copy, you can use that copy for yourself.
    That's the law
    That being said, I'm sure bellshare would appreciate you buying a second copy.

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    05-07-10 11:18 PM
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    Bellshare hasn't even got back to me with a new code, it's been a week. >=(
    05-08-10 01:12 AM
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    Bellshare hasn't even got back to me with a new code, it's been a week. >=(
    Email them again.

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    05-08-10 02:42 AM