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    Are those of you who still use this version getting your advisories still? All of my advisories stopped coming once the new version was released for beta testing. A week or so ago I was in the middle of a storm with hurricane force winds and flooding everywhere. Never got a severe weather advisory. Currently I'm sitting at home watching the blizzard pound us pretty hard. No warnings or severe weather advisories. I used to get advisories for light fog in the area and now I get nothing. Tried battery pulls and deleting and reinstalling. Still no more notifications.

    I think Bell Share pulled some services from us original users.

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    02-06-10 06:53 AM
  2. PDM's Avatar
    Try upgrading to v1.6.11 to see if it helps.
    Bellshare - BerryWeather
    02-06-10 07:47 AM