05-03-12 08:28 AM
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  1. TurboTiger's Avatar
    Still waiting for a link. I signed up a few days ago and still no link.
    Same here chaseh. Now that I saw the video, I really got excited.
    Good Luck
    03-26-11 07:17 PM
  2. ba_hamilton's Avatar
    I got the new version and everything seems to be ok with it. But one thing I have noticed with this app is that it works good for 2 or 3 days and then the alarm suddenly fails to go off. I can't figure out what is causing it to do that on my end. The settings have not been changed. If I delete the app and then reinstall it it starts working again.

    This seems to be a common problem. I see a lot of "it stopped working for me" posts. But I tell ya, I really like this app and will stick with it to the end to see that it performs flawlessly.

    I will continue to post my findings.
    03-26-11 09:57 PM
  3. HawkC026's Avatar
    I was on a hot streak with the Wakeful alarm working perfectly since I first installed it on the 23rd. Unfortunately that came to an end this morning as the alarm failed to go off. Good thing it's Sunday and I usually sleep in until about 8 a.m.

    Log file has been e-mailed. Torch 9800 on Rogers running O/S
    03-27-11 06:58 AM
  4. deejayburnout's Avatar
    i got the new update and for some reason it didnt go off on sat morning.

    I then realised that it seemed to set itself for weekdays.

    Set it back to daily and this morning i was woken up by the soothing computerised tones of my male alarm clock.

    Very good way to be woken up.

    One of the very few times i actually listen to the whole alarm and dont shut it off straight away.

    thanks again for this brilliant idea for an app.
    03-27-11 01:05 PM
  5. danial.aw's Avatar
    signed up a week ago as well... havent received any sort of email besides the confirmation...
    03-27-11 03:20 PM
  6. sssutanto's Avatar
    Hey everyone! There was a new update this morning. It should help some of the bugs mentioned above. Please try it out and let us know if u have any other issues. Have a great weekend everyone!
    Updated to and no problem found at all love now it is saying the temp forecast in Celsius as well in Fahrenheit.

    GO Wakeful Team sure everyone is looking forward for the FINAL version!!
    03-27-11 06:34 PM
  7. JStiner's Avatar
    I think this is absolutely awesome. its a lot better then waking up to an annoying sound. it freaks my girlfriend out when a woman starts talking in the bed room.. hahaha oh its great. the latter is jsut an added bonus. the app is great. i cant wait to see how it develops.
    03-27-11 07:43 PM
  8. PavementPilot's Avatar
    Since the update, my alarm goes off, but it is only the buzzer. I have sent in logs with the errors in it.
    03-27-11 07:58 PM
  9. JMarkyBB's Avatar
    Mine did not go off with voice but an alarm, I have lost log as well.
    03-28-11 01:25 AM
  10. Blackfeet's Avatar
    Another in the "It didn't activate this morning" club. Since there have been reliability issues already, I had the device alarm set as a backup, and that got me up.

    I checked my settings, and from all appearances, it should have. I hit "Test Alarm", and it worked. I then noticed there was no indicator in the Notifications Window. Hmm...

    So I rebooted, and when it completed booting up, set another alarm and tried it again. This time it worked. Kind of pointless now that I am already awake. And still no indicator in the Notifications Window, so that probably didn't have anything to do with it in the first place.

    This app has all kinds of potential. However, until it can be trusted to activate on time, every time, nobody is going to be able to use it as their only alarm. Not criticism, just fact. I look forward to assisting you folks in any way I can to resolve these issues. I sure all of us beta testers are. I'd send a log of this AM's failure, but my reboot cleared it.
    Last edited by Blackfeet; 03-28-11 at 07:44 AM.
    03-28-11 06:48 AM
  11. trucky's Avatar
    Using V

    Alarm did not go off as scheduled. When I set the alarm, about 20 seconds later it went off and used the time of the actual alarm, not the current time.
    03-28-11 07:32 AM
  12. elmejor1009's Avatar
    Nothing here either, And I did set it last night before going to bed.....
    03-28-11 07:43 AM
  13. SilverSfr's Avatar
    Didn't work this morning, still no notification bar even after reset.
    03-28-11 08:31 AM
  14. HawkC026's Avatar
    No problems with the alarm this morning, it went off right on time.

    Last night before I went to bed, I went into the settings and hit "Test Alarm" and then "Set Alarm". I wonder if that made the difference after upgrading to v1.0.4.1?
    03-28-11 09:09 AM
  15. eddy0090's Avatar
    Didn't go off for me either this mornn. I set it sat. Nite and it went off on sunday mornn but not 2day.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    03-28-11 09:11 AM
  16. trucky's Avatar
    No problems with the alarm this morning, it went off right on time.

    Last night before I went to bed, I went into the settings and hit "Test Alarm" and then "Set Alarm". I wonder if that made the difference after upgrading to v1.0.4.1?
    If it does, it shouldn't. An app shouldn't take any magic combinations in order for it to work. A simple Set Alarm should be enough to put things in order for the next alarm time.
    03-28-11 09:12 AM
  17. pkcable's Avatar
    Not working here either.

    EDIT: Strangely a test I just ran for 5 minutes in the future, DID go off. HOWEVER it just played 1 time, perhaps that is what happened this morning, and it just wasn't enough to get me up?
    03-28-11 10:24 AM
  18. trucky's Avatar
    We may have overloaded their servers. Anyone see any smoke?

    Having those check boxes to choose which info you want to hear or not would probably help there. I doubt most people want to hear the entire dialogue every day. I'd be happy most days with the wake up and maybe weather. Less data transferred = less server load.
    03-28-11 10:27 AM
  19. elmejor1009's Avatar
    I was just checking and the log said "no wifi available" which is weird. Doesn't it revert back to 3g if no wifi is available?
    03-28-11 10:34 AM
  20. trucky's Avatar
    I see several communication errors. Hopefully they'll come up for air and let us know what's happening.
    03-28-11 10:45 AM
  21. Bosox20's Avatar
    Mine went off perfectly this morning exactly on-time!!!
    03-28-11 11:38 AM
  22. jean11011's Avatar
    will it tell me Lindsay Lohan's next court appearance when I wake up in the morning?
    03-28-11 05:32 PM
  23. ba_hamilton's Avatar
    My alarm went off this morning. I will track it over the next 3 or 4 days. I'm not 100% on this but it seemed that for it to work again, after the alarm went off once, I had to go into the app and reset it. I will report back.
    03-28-11 05:59 PM
  24. kolonji's Avatar
    You do .. you have to hit "set alarm" each day. I hope they fix it .. cause if I set it for 6am "EVERY DAY" .. it should do just that. Would be nice for a weekday/weekend option also.
    03-28-11 06:16 PM
  25. piwh1000's Avatar
    Hey Guys! Sorry for not posting on here lately! Been really overwhelmed with the amount of beta users and traction so far. Anyways, we're hoping to have a new version tomorrow. It was suppose to come out today, but had some other issues in our internal testing & our lead BB developer is sick....
    Last edited by piwh1000; 03-28-11 at 09:22 PM.
    03-28-11 09:19 PM
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