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    So I have Blackberry Maps and ATT Navigator (on a 30 day trial). Which have you guys found to be the best navigation app? I need something that has the most updated POIs and voice navigation would be extremely useful. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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    12-05-10 11:01 AM
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    I use telenav, great gps, but its $10/month
    12-05-10 11:24 AM
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    Dependent on which country you live in or need for. In US I find three aps that I use, each has a purpose and each good. However only the paid aps will give you voice directions. I do subscribe to AT&T maps (TelNav) and use it frequently on business trips. I believe Garmin has an ap that also gives voice direction for one time fee. I have not used.

    I still use BB maps and Google maps too - no voice turns but great when used in conjunction with Poynt to find nearby businesses.

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    12-05-10 11:44 AM
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    The Garmin site doesn't specify it works with the Torch. What it does say is if you upgrade your device, you have to re-purchase the application.

    Just a heads up for those considering the Garmin app.
    From Garmin's website on the Blackberry License:
    Question: How can I transfer my Garmin Mobile for Blackberry license to a new phone?

    Garmin Mobile is offered as a one time purchase for your Blackberry. The license applies to the first phone and phone number on which the application is activated. If upgrading to a different Blackberry, the license expires and must be re-purchased if continued use is desired.

    If a phone is replaced by its carrier because of a malfunction, Garmin can transfer a license to the replacement device. This transfer must occur within the first twelve months of activation and is at Garmin's sole discretion. Garmin allows one transfer of this type for each license. In order to transfer a Garmin Mobile license, please contact technical support.

    To find out more about the Garmin User Terms, view the Garmin Mobile for Blackberry EULA.

    Note: Only one version of Garmin Mobile for Blackberry, North American or European, can be purchased and activated to a single Blackberry device.
    01-06-11 08:41 AM