08-21-09 09:43 AM
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  1. sawedust's Avatar
    Notification icon will be super! Right now my Berry flashes red and I sometimes forget why it's flashing (I used BerryBuzz and have colors set for everything else)
    Hehehe... I have all other notifications set for different colors as well, so red is exclusively for Twitter (although I would have preferred the Turquoise)
    08-20-09 05:05 PM
  2. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    Simply amazing...

    All this time people have been using a great app for free. Knowing full well it was going to be a paid app in the future sans ads. And now a bunch of "What do I get?" questions.

    Well for starters, you get to support the developers who have built a great app.

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    08-20-09 05:48 PM
  3. erasure25's Avatar
    I've been using the free version of Tweetie on my Mac, and that comes with ads. I am not paying $19.95 to get rid of those ads when all I can do is scroll down a bit and TA-DA. No ads.

    Same thing with UberTwitter. I love the interface and how everything is integrated into the program, but I won't justify paying for something that can't be fixed by simply scrolling down.

    If there were some premium features that weren't found in the free version, then I would consider paying for it depending upon what comes with the premium. But if all the paid version offers is no ads, then count me out.

    I'll be fine with the ads on UberTwitter, thanks.
    That's funny you talk about being justified for paying for something... so... that fact you are using the app programmed by someone else (e.g., work) isn't justification enough? Do you also eat meals for free at restaurants? Let me guess, you also don't tip your servers. Anyways, I'll stop being bitchy...

    I bought it cuz I believe it will send a message to the developer that I don't mind paying for their time and effort to add in new features, that won't necessarily be included in the free version, like message indicator, fixing the bugs with yfrog and generally keeping up to date with any new twitter add ons that may come in the future (twitvid being the latest).
    08-20-09 07:29 PM
  4. TDRock's Avatar
    Well, I just paid for the subscription. Right now I get the ad-rific version and it will apparently upgrade automatically when the finished app becomes available.

    I hate the ads and for me $5 a year (not a month, or whatever) is just not a big deal at all. That's easily the cheapest bill I have going in my life and it's for an app that I know I like and that I know works (so far I've been sorely disappointed with every other Twitter app I've tried and/or they don't support multiple users). Happy to be back with UberTwitter!
    08-20-09 08:06 PM
  5. katdoc's Avatar
    I would gladly pay the $5 for how much I use this app. I will not pay thru Google tho, so I hope they start accepting payment thru another means. I don't mind the ads at all, but do think as much as I use this & as good as their response to feedback has been, $5 is worth it.

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    08-21-09 09:13 AM
  6. firebuff's Avatar
    I love this app and 5 bucks is not much. only problem I have is that its yearly.the ads don't really bother me but I'm going to support this developer.
    08-21-09 09:43 AM
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