1. WJHeller's Avatar
    After I upgraded to .545 everything else on the phone operated fine except for BerryWeather. It will not find a connection. It worked fine prior to the upgrade.
    Any Ideas?
    I did contact their support and did the reload directly from their site to the phone they suggested, with no change in the problem.
    03-28-10 11:45 PM
  2. Chop's Avatar
    Are you trying to use your GPS location?

    I had that problem... what I had to do (before finally switching OS's) was put in a direct zip code for my location. After awhile, the GPS location would wake up, and I'd just move that one back to my home location. Irritating, I know... and it started when I went to that OS.

    Also, make sure your connection type is correct. It started picking TCP Direct, but only BIS seemed to work.
    03-28-10 11:56 PM
  3. WJHeller's Avatar
    It will not even connect on any connection type to register the program. I used the TCP prior to the upgrade and it worked fine. Not using the GPS. The message says that the connection failed and it can't fine Bellshare site.
    03-29-10 03:03 AM
  4. cinek's Avatar
    had the same problem after upgrading to *.423 ... started working after a while... removed it, did a battery pull, installed again, did a battery pull - and it started working.....
    03-29-10 03:33 AM
  5. BBB 9700's Avatar
    i have also the same problem.
    My issue is:

    i cant update berryweather by; TCP, BIS & BES. only i can update through wi-fi.

    i tried all the options and seems only through wi-fi i can update the berryweather although i have BES plan.,

    also the strange this is, when i go to GPS from the devise option, it recognize it and give my the current GPS location. but when i try through Berryweather always ( update fails)!!!!
    my devise is 9700 & the berryweather is the latest version.

    How can i solve this strange problem?????
    04-05-10 02:02 AM
  6. sgm-co#CB's Avatar
    Same issue here folks....I get a "now" notification on the bottom right but no weather at all.

    Resolution soon I hope.
    04-09-10 10:54 PM