10-29-09 12:25 PM
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  1. Ct_mike92's Avatar
    Just updated at 8:09 EDT and the current conditions came back. Was N/A prior to this.

    10-29-09 08:09 AM
  2. mkurz12's Avatar
    Mines been coming an going since last nigth as well. Glad it's not just mine anyway.
    Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
    It seems to be ok for a short bit when going from one location to another but after it updates once with in the most recent area it comes back as N/A.
    10-29-09 09:09 AM
  3. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Hopefully they will release 2.0
    10-29-09 09:12 AM
  4. davidnc's Avatar
    Working again too here. I was thinking they been having alot of promos lately and half price apps if the over did it with their servers but just thinking outloud
    10-29-09 09:22 AM
  5. eeyore6802's Avatar
    Mines also showing na hasn't been working since I got up

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    10-29-09 09:34 AM
  6. Davec1234's Avatar
    Up and down all morning.
    No response from support (as usual).

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    10-29-09 10:15 AM
  7. whyme4000's Avatar
    As far as I have been able to tell, its been N/A all morning.

    Updating did nothing...

    Oh well.....
    10-29-09 10:18 AM
  8. derande's Avatar
    I might have to look outside!
    hehe same here. my office window hasn't had this much use in months!
    10-29-09 10:29 AM
  9. Blacklatino's Avatar
    anyone having problems with it? i just looked at my phone and it says n/a....tried an update samething
    Yeah, I'm getting the "NA no update" message on the homescreen off and on all morning.
    10-29-09 10:32 AM
  10. Shaved Berries's Avatar
    I was getting N/A in some locationis and updates in others when I woke up. However now I'm getting all N/A
    I just came on to post to see if anyone else was having an issue. Glad to see it's not just me!
    10-29-09 10:36 AM
  11. LuckyDad's Avatar
    Mine was working fine at 6 am EST and then crapped out about an hour ago. It just came back on-line at 11 am EST so we will see how long it lasts. The looking out the window method only works so far; my office is on the 23rd floor and when I look out the window, all I can see is Fog!
    10-29-09 11:09 AM
  12. melissaox's Avatar
    Mine is working now, wasn't earlier this am.
    10-29-09 11:11 AM
  13. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Mine is up and running again.

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    10-29-09 11:17 AM
  14. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Mine just updated and is running again...
    10-29-09 11:24 AM
  15. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Mine just updated and is running again...
    I agree with your earlier post. Another update would be nice
    10-29-09 11:27 AM
  16. Shaved Berries's Avatar
    As of 11:30 EST mine came back up and has been steady and strong since. Looks like it's fixed.
    10-29-09 12:22 PM
  17. mungera's Avatar
    Hoepfully theyre doing something in preparation of 2.0
    10-29-09 12:25 PM
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