1. psufan32's Avatar
    1) Does anyone know of a good tutorial for BerryBuzz? I'm not looking for it to do anything grand. I want to keep the current ring/vibrate/silent commands, just have different LED colors for e-mail/bbm and text messages.

    2) Anyone know how to close or delete from my Blackberry Visual Voice Mail? It is set by default to run in the background, even though I don't use it. When I click in the app, there is only an option to "switch application," and nothing to close it.

    05-06-10 07:36 AM
  2. cbssassin's Avatar

    1. BerryBuzz is pretty straight forward, is there any specific thing that I can help you with? what version are you using?

    2. To delete a lot of core apps (i dont know what carrier your visual voicemail is from because mine closes fine) you can simply connect it to your comp and delete the app from the list (works for apps like city id as well). Also if you want an immediate solution just do a battery pull and the app shouldn't be open when it turns on.
    05-06-10 01:25 PM
  3. cbssassin's Avatar
    1. By BerryBuzz cannot change your ringtones/sound settings. The only thing it changes is the LED settings within the sound settings not the sound itself. You probably know how to access it but just incase you dont: it is in the options menu under BerryBuzz. There you will see multiple categories (emails, phone calls, etc) and you change the led light color you want to see for each one. Does your's not work?

    2. Yeah the DM should work although I've only tried verizons. keep me updated.
    05-06-10 08:30 PM