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    I have a BlackBerry Bold 9780. I have purchased BerryBuzz (a while ago, transferred license to new PIN a few times) and am trying to control the vibration of my phone.

    I know before I used to be able to just set the LED indicator's for each message and then use the BlackBerry sound profiles to control the settings for vibrate, silent, loud, etc. This was always fine.

    Now I find that when I set the phone to "Vibrate" in the BlackBerry sound profiles, it doesn't vibrate. This is because in BerryBuzz the individual notifications, ex. BlackBerry Messenger has the vibrate set to "Off". This is what I want, and to control through BlackBerry sound profiles.

    I have since turned it "On" in BerryBuzz, but it overrides the BlackBerry sound profile option. So example, if i set it to vibrate in BerryBuzz, even when my phone is in silent it will still vibrate!

    This is a problem because I need to sleep and don't want to be turning my phone off every night. There should be a way to figure this out I just don't know how.

    To be clear: I just want to use BerryBuzz for controlling the LED indicator colours of the phone, and use the BlackBerry sound profiles to control the sound notifications (ex. loud, silent, normal, all alerts off, etc.)

    Anyone know how to do this?

    EDIT: Also, under version is says 3.2.18 (for OS 6.0) so even though I bought it originally for a 9700, it seems the transfer of the license worked, and there is not an incompatibility in that respect.
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    Nevermind, figured it out. Problem was in the BlackBerry sound profile menu, I didn't set the Tactile Alert Vibration to "Always", it was still on the default of "In Holster", and my phone is out of holster in a case.

    So for anyone who may encounter the issue, change that setting in the BlackBerry Profiles and then you don't need to set anything in BerryBuzz to vibrate.
    02-21-11 12:13 AM