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    I have been using BerryBuzz for awhile now. I have it programmed to flash (disco) when I get an SMS. I also use SMS Popup and I've noticed that the BerryBuzz is not working right when I get an SMS through the popup. I never noticed this before. So.......I downloaded the upgrade hoping that would help but it doesn't. Why is Berry Buzz not able to flash when I have SMS popup??? It was working before but now the only way I can get notified with BerryBuzz when I have a text message is when I turn OFF my SMS Popup. Any thoughts or suggestions on why this is happening and how to fix this? I'd appreciate it!

    And yes, I did a battery pull after installing the update.
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    05-29-10 10:55 AM
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    Make sure you set all permissions to Allow thru Options>Applications.
    05-29-10 11:12 AM
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    They are all on "allow"

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    05-29-10 11:47 AM