1. dataz722's Avatar
    I want to get a BB app for viewing and using forums since that is what a majority of my time spent on the interwebz. Does anyone have an opinions on which is better between tapatalk and berryblab or possibly some other app that I don't know of? Thanks.
    05-28-10 01:13 PM
  2. motoroid7's Avatar
    I personally have tried both and prefer BerryBlab over Tapatalk. I seemed to have a lot of issues when trying to use their application to view message boards. Also, something that you might want to look into is what forums you plan on visiting. Some support both berryblab and tapatalk and some only support one or the other. I believe crackberry only supports BerryBlab, but I could be wrong.
    05-28-10 04:16 PM