1. micksbbs1's Avatar
    Ok I am wondering how exactly I could get the gameshark to work. The help screen says to create a text document with it named randomgame.gbc.gs and I think it then asks you to put infinite health=XXXXXX on the document itself. If I am going by this the wrong way please help.

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    01-22-11 12:53 PM
  2. DeadAndBerryed's Avatar
    Direction's worked for me, just that name=code has to be one word: infinitehealth=XXXXXXXX Otherwise it will probably not translate that code, and could skip entire file or cancel loading of the gameshark code's. Something that help's: Create a backup folder in the rom path, and then copy the gamename.gbc.save to that folder each time before using the gameshark. Then, if anything goes wrong, you can copy it from that folder to the rom folder, replacing the corrupted game save.
    06-11-11 02:47 AM
  3. _sarcasm's Avatar
    hey, where did you get your gameshark from? Does it work on Bold 9780?
    01-14-13 11:05 AM