1. KeithF40's Avatar
    i had berry buzz for my curve and just now got my tour, with a new pin obv

    can you transfer the berry buzz license from one device to another, or must you buy a whole other license

    i emailed them about it but they are kinda slow in answering emails, so it would be cool if someone else could answer this for me, bc if so then ill just buy another one, its only six bucks
    07-16-09 09:02 PM
  2. Testingchip's Avatar
    I have done this with apps I bought on crackberry. You log into your account, change your pin and reinstall. That's all it took for me but this is the only place I buy apps. Hope it helps.
    07-16-09 09:22 PM
  3. KeithF40's Avatar
    ok i was able to transfer it on their website, found a link

    but now i want to upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0, the license that is

    i saw it is only 3 bucks to upgrade, 6 for a totally new license

    idk how to do that, i emailed them hopefully they answer or hopefully someone here knows that to do
    07-16-09 09:53 PM
  4. wth1973's Avatar
    Log in to your account and change the pin and redown load

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    07-16-09 10:13 PM