1. beiks's Avatar
    Pilot Lines is the BEIKS version of the widely popular Color Lines game originating in Russia and, according to many, more addictive than Tetris (R).

    I personally prefer it to Tetris as it's not action oriented and you can play it during meetings without looking wierdo :-)

    The goal of the game is to arrange five balls of the same color in a straight or diagonal line. As you will see, every turn three new balls get in the field, so it's get crowded pretty quickly.

    Downloading the preview will let you taste it on your BlackBerry and would allow you to submit valuable suggestions back to us.

    To get it, point your BlackBerry browser to mobile.beiks.com and enter the BlackBerry section.

    At the end of the page there is a "Previews" section - download Pilot Lines from there.

    It is 8100/8800 trackball friendly.

    On devices with trackwheel use the ALT button to switch to horizontal moving as you turn the wheel.

    Use the ball/wheel click to select or place a ball.

    Presently, game menu is only available on 4.2 devices; we'll be updating the file very soon to allow menu on previous models as well.

    Otherwise, the game will run on anything above OS 4.0.

    All comments, suggestions are welcome.
    04-02-07 08:52 AM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry, and thanks for the game info!
    04-02-07 09:47 AM