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    Okay, I have been a bit of a lurker here at crackberry. I have never really had a reason to post something, everyone here is chock-full of information and I've always found my answer. Anywho, I have a bit of a problem that I can't seem to find an answer to ANYWHERE.

    I downloaded Beejive for My blackberry curve 8330. For the most part it works wonderful... just one little glitch. I can't get the MySpace IM to work. I can receive messages on the myspace im but when I reply they don't receive my messages. Is it something that I did wrong with the preferences or is it a glitch in the system? How can i fix this. I have seen a lot of places where people have trouble with the facebook chat, but that seems to work perfectly fine for me.

    If there is no apparent fix for this can anyone suggest a good application that I can get both facebook and myspace chat for the curve 8330? I know that IM+ is good but it is really expensive for an IM application.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling
    04-03-10 07:09 PM