1. gemsong's Avatar
    I'm wondering what the differences are.. what more do I get for the paid app vs the free one? What am I missing?
    05-15-10 01:01 PM
  2. scottjb's Avatar
    Best way to see is to try the trial of the paid app, then try the free one and see what you miss. One thing I know that's not in the free version is the temperature icon in the notification area.
    05-15-10 01:07 PM
  3. gemsong's Avatar
    I tried getting the trial, but I kept getting an error message and then it said my trial was over. Actually I'm using the free vs now and it shows the temp w/ the icon.
    05-15-10 01:21 PM
  4. Kylecore's Avatar
    If you go to the website it tells you all the advantages.
    But here's a few, your icons look amazing in the paid version, they're kind of cartoony in the free one.
    You can track 10 locations vs. 3 in the free.
    There's a temperature badge that goes in your notification area not just on the icon.
    There's also a local advisory option that warns you of things like freezing rain/hail/high winds etc.
    You can set it to be your background, which looks beautiful, and comes in handy for themes that don't have a weather slot.
    It has radar maps so you can track a developing storms in your area
    And yeah, I think there's some more. Check out the website for pictures and what not.
    I used the free version until it went on sale for $5 instead of the full price $10 and I suggest you do the same if you like it enough.

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    05-15-10 01:41 PM