1. brailcair's Avatar
    trying to get this: BeBuzz Free
    BlackBerry App World - BeBuzz Free - LED Colors - Now for Contacts too

    and download through desktop manager to an 8530 that doesn't have a data plan....anyone have suggestions///links to a site that can be d/l in .jad or compatible format???
    09-23-10 05:10 PM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    .jad files are NOT meant to be installed via Desktop Manager. You install them by
    clicking the link within your browser to trigger the installation.

    The rest that you need to know can mostly be found here: http://crackberry.com/installing-3rd-party-applications
    09-23-10 05:24 PM
  3. brailcair's Avatar
    k...well some file that can be done via DM?
    09-23-10 05:27 PM
  4. chaucolai's Avatar
    Please, somebody help? I too have no data plan and need some way of getting BeBuzz through my desktop manager..
    02-10-11 01:32 AM