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    I have this frustrating problem with Contact LED's in BeBuzz. I set a bunch of customized contact LED's previously that I want to remove now. I can remove them but they keep coming back after I delete them. This is what I'm doing:

    1. Go into bebuzz
    2. On the contacts tab I select the contact hit the delete button. I get a popup that says, delete contact? I press yes.
    3. The contact disappears off the list
    4. Everything is ok until a contact I deleted sends me an email - I still get their "special led" that I set. Then, ALL the contacts I deleted come back on the contact LED list

    I believe that the contact LED is being cached somewhere. I've tried, deleting the contacts, then backing up the config, rebooting, doing a battery pull. Nothing works...the moment someone that I deleted emails me, everything I deleted comes back.

    I had bebuzz 5.0.24 when I came across this issue. I upgraded to 5.0.40 thinking it would fix the issue but still have the same problem.

    It's irritating because I set up the contact leds for a specific project team at work. Now that the project is done, I don't need specific contact led's for these people anymore.


    I have a 9900 and
    06-04-12 11:12 PM