1. Prosqtor's Avatar
    I have a Curve 8330, and recently downloaded BeamReader Beta to serve as my document manager. I use Word and PDF docs at work, and need to be able to view them on short notice in the course of my job. I can get the Word docs to open just fine (4.5.x OS so Docs2Go is there, and BeamReader is nicely integrated with that program).

    Where I have a problem is with the PDF files. If the PDF is basically a typewritten document that was scanned in as a PDF, things basically work fine. If the PDF is a brochure, handout, or something similarly graphics-intensive, BeamBerry grinds through rendering the document for imaging and then displays either the rough framework of page graphics without the content or it displays nothing but a blank white page.

    I thought I saw a topic on this in the past, but it was someone who was having trouble reading PDFs sent as email attachments.

    I flat-out refuse to have to email myself all these documents that are already on the SD card in order to read them. Can anyone help?

    01-15-09 12:03 AM