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    After restart I got an error message for "Application Terminated: com_worldmate_bbtravel... has been denied the 'Cross Application' Communication' permission" and nine messages for "java.lang.error".

    I did not want to remove bbTravel. I found mention of the following fix online and adjusted it to my 7.0 Torch...

    Make sure that you have the DEFAULT "Cross Application Permission" set to Allow by...

    1. go to Options (wrench) -> Device -> Application Management
    2. Press the BlackBerry key and select "Edit Default Permissions". Make sure to choose the default permissions, not "Edit Permissions".
    3. Expand the "Interactions" section.
    4. Set the "Cross Application Communication" permission to "Allow".
    5. "Save".
    6. Reboot or restart phone (by removing battery or Restart application).

    I no longer get the 10 error messages, and can load PhotoStudio will load also, but now My World (in AppWorld) won't open.
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    07-14-12 01:17 PM
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    AFAIK, every app needs that permission to run, and granting that permission to an app couldn't possibly break App World.

    Try opening App World and typing Alt-RST to reset it.
    07-14-12 05:02 PM
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    Is there a way to do Alt-Reset on a touch screen? I've re-started 3x.
    07-14-12 06:13 PM
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    Don't know. You could try going into the media card and internal filesystem and renaming any folder related to App World, that's where it used to cache stuff. By renaming it, you can hide it from A.W. but get it back if needed.

    Tried deleting App World and reinstalling?
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    07-14-12 07:19 PM
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    Thanks. Before I could get to deleting and reloading, somehow I got back the ability to open My World. Maybe it was the 3rd or 4th restart.
    But thanks for your suggestions!.
    07-14-12 10:15 PM