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    I lost my original download of bbsmart. First let me say before I purchased the full verison I had a trial version. When the trial ran out I purchased a full version. Things were fine until I upgraded my OS. I know I was supposed to backup the 3rd party but I didn't. I ended up getting my viewer again. I removed any traces of the old version, or so I think, from my bb and desktop manager; also from my pc. I d/l'd it and installed it. It's not working. I still get the trial version.

    I've emailed BBSmart but waiting for a reply. Though I could get help here because the trial version on top of my emails are very annoying.

    UPDATE: Issued resolved.. thank goodness.

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    10-31-08 03:50 PM
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    Sorry to hijack your post but I am wondering how i can delete the trial version. The trial version keeps poping up and i can't get it rid of it.
    11-01-08 11:08 AM