1. mjbesen310's Avatar
    I love BBSAK, but I dont know how to fix the issue I have with it.

    every time I wipe my phone, I restore my apps with BBSAK. Problem is, every time I restore the apps, it somehow restores the old Versions of the apps even though when I backed up my apps, the apps were all updated.

    for example, I have the newest version of Berrweather installed, Berrybuzz, 5.0 VZ Navigator, My Verizon app, ect When I back them up using BBSAK, there all up to date, when I restore, there put back into the phone with not the latest upgrades, and I have to upgrade them all again.

    why is that? why does it install old Versions when I backed up the new ones?

    I have no other files saved on my computer from recent backups with old files.

    anyone else have this problem?
    04-07-10 05:33 PM