1. sup3rn0th1ng's Avatar
    Ok sorry if this has been posted I have searched and cannot find anything on this. This post is for my friend.

    He has a stock BlackBerry Tour

    He has downloaded the new BB5 messenger hes went through registered the HRT and everything and its freezing up on him. He has to do a battery pull for to get it functioning again. He saying that it also freezes his BlackBerry on FB notifications. Also he said he had the same problem on his curve with both issues.

    I am not sure what else he can try other then maybe reloading the OS, any other ideas?
    09-18-09 08:39 AM
  2. tange1's Avatar
    The facebook notifications issue is a bigger issue than you think: Seems most users find that they can't open facebook notifications and if you try to open them from the facebook app nothing happens. I've changed nothing on my device and notifications haven't worked for a week. Not sure about the otehr issues you outlined.
    09-18-09 08:41 AM
  3. sup3rn0th1ng's Avatar
    I have no issues on my BB curve with FB notifications, but hes saying it completely freezes his device. I am thinking he needs to reload the OS and start from scratch, but he said hes not so sure since its been on both his curve and tour...hopefully the new fb app will come out soon or be leaked
    09-18-09 08:45 AM
  4. KeithF40's Avatar
    no fb notification issues for me either

    id say just reload os, or better yet load a hybrid
    09-18-09 08:48 AM
  5. chaduphoff's Avatar
    it started for me yesterday as well. I work for sprint and we had 5 people come in with the same issue all with BBM 5.0. Worked fine for over a month and went whacko. I deleted and reinstalled FB and BBM 5.0 and still not resolved. Deleting BBM5.0 until its officially released. I love the look of it but it has caused me nothing but grief since it was installed.
    09-18-09 10:13 AM