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    Hi everyone..if someone can help me i'll be pleased.... I just what to know if it's possible, a few days ago I heard yes buet neow it doesn't work. Well I have a BB cuerve 8520 but not in a monthly plan..just prepaid..and i rean that if I just pay for BIS for 7 days..you can download the services books and it sets up auto eh TEH (tabla enrutamiento hosts) so in that 7 days I used it very well either in EDGE or WiFi but now that that plan had expired..even I had al the services books and the TEH (in spanish, dont know the english words) when I connect using WiFi the edge turns into EDGE and the WiFi logo gets whiter..shines more but now I'm not able to use WLM nor BBM nor anything..and I have everything and also read that I can do all of these without a data plan but by wifi..can you help me please

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    04-23-10 04:25 PM
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    You can use Facebook, Twitter, search, email, IMs, maps and more, all over Wi-Fi. All with free applications.
    See my blog post for the list of free apps I use over Wi-Fi, I have also include the direct links so you can download the apps.
    Juan Riano Blog Archive Free Blackberry apps that run over Wi-Fi
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