1. beryfan's Avatar
    Since there is no BBM category in the forums so i decided to drop it down here.

    Now coming to the point I was wondering that now when BBM is about to go cross platform will it function solely on wifi ? As for now it requires BIS initially for its functioning but when it goes cross platform will BB users be able to use it on their devices without having BIS ??
    05-16-13 01:21 AM
  2. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    BBM doesn't require BIS anymore. At least, not in the way that it used to; works great over WiFi.
    05-16-13 01:24 AM
  3. beryfan's Avatar
    Previously I did not install BBM on my device as I did not have BIS activated.

    Now just to try it out on my wifi and see if it worked I installed the app and the first error that showed up was that the back up file is corrupt and that I needed to try is to back up again or change the location of the back up file anyhow I bypassed this error and BBM started to set up after a while the set up process halted and an error popped up that BBM cannot set up because of insufficient wireless coverage or the connection to the wireless network is turned off which is not the case at all and my wifi is working perfectly.

    Any suggestions ??

    Theres another thing I've just noticed when I turned on my data services I noticed that BBM was setting up but I had to turn it off because it was eating up my balance.
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    05-16-13 11:22 AM

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