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    Last night, i noticed something strange. My wifi icon is grayed out but i still can browse the internet using wifi. I used to have data plan before. Then I decided to terminate my data plan since i usually on a wifi area. After terminating my data plan... I was surprised that i still can use BBM and other data plan features thru wifi. I made sure that it wont charge me per kb so APN is deleted & hotspot browser is my default config. Not until this sudden change, This morning i tried sending BBM message but it wasn't successful. And also i can't log in to my mail, Facebook & Twitter anymore. But i can browse the internet & other apps like App World, uBerTwitter, QuickPull and others which were wifi capable. Notice a lot of difference on my service book & other settings which is new to my device. Is that possible?

    So now i am thinking if i can have it back by wiping my blackberry and restore previous back up. I'm planning to update my firmware to .900 after wiping. Any suggestions?? Please help & guide me on steps how to do it. I don't want encounter a nuke blackberry in the end. Thanks in advance.
    01-06-11 07:57 AM
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    You don't have the service books for the native apps from RIM. Your carrier finally cut you off after you canceled your data plan.

    Reloading the OS will not help. The only way to get those apps back is to pay for the BlackBerry data plan again. Once you pay for it, your carrier will send you the necessary service books.

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    01-06-11 03:17 PM