1. nash211's Avatar
    I downloaded the latest BBM upgrade and now every time i want to use BBM I have to enter my id and password, any work around so I do not have to enter a password anymore.
    01-10-13 12:05 AM
  2. nash211's Avatar
    I have three 9790 phones for the family, so when I do a update for the OS I update all with my blackberry app world sign in, all the apps are purchased under my account,so somehow when I upgraded BBM, now only one phone at a time can use BBM because it asks to switch device and log in again. This never happened before the update, i even tried to sign up another account load BBM on that phone but still asks for the log in under my account. I can redo the OS and not upgrade the BBM, but would like another solution.
    01-10-13 09:37 AM
  3. nash211's Avatar
    I got it fixed, deleted the BBM update from my phone, re installed the older version from the OS via Blackberry desktop software, i have BBM on all three phones working OK
    01-10-13 11:14 AM
  4. RWD's Avatar
    I had the same problem -always asking for BBID whenever I tried to use bbm. I tried updating the OS on my 9810 (hadn't done it in a while) and changing my BBID email address, but neither worked. So i downloaded bbm 6.2 and will work with that. No biggie as only one of my family bb's is compatible with 7.

    Funny thing, my Playbook updated to the new BBID all by itself!
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    01-14-13 03:14 PM

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