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    I found problems with BBM 6.1 (started with to 71) related to BBM groups. The group is suddenly missing in the BBM group lists and later, one of the member from that missing group will reinvite to join. At least once a day this will occur. This is really annoying since the process will slowdown the handset performance. This will not happen with BBM 6.0 versions. I have checked using the same OS version (7.1) with BBM 6.1.49 then 71 are the same. Then I have to downgrade to BBM 6.0. When u have more than 3 groups, this problem is a really a mess. Been searching around the forum but couldn't find the same subject. Is anyone have the same problems? Thanks. Btw, I'm using 9900.
    03-01-12 08:57 AM
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    any help please...
    03-04-12 08:05 PM