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    When browsing around the forums I have come across two different builds of BBHTool v2.4.9.7a. Here is the build which starts without problems on my XP system:

    BBH-Tool v2.4.9.7a - Downloads - BlackBerryOS.com

    File: BBHToolv2.4.9.7a.zip
    Size: 3,796,867 bytes
    MD5: f61192f59bc84419b46ddc36f6e79f5b

    A link to a different installer can be found in the third paragraph on the page below:

    The Bold Explorer

    File: BBHTool-pub.zip
    Size: 3,803,194 bytes
    MD5: 273365a68d22603a9e5bfd187d263e33

    All the files are the same as in the build above except for the two executables. On my system this build fails to start and returns the following error:

    BBHTool.exe is not a valid Win32 application


    Below are my PC OS specs. It is a fresh minimal installation on a dedicated NTFS partition primarily intended to run BBOS related software:

    - Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, updated till March 2019
    - .NET v3.5.30729.01, no updates (official installer: dotnetfx35.exe)
    - VC Redist 2008 SP1 (official installer: vcredist_x86.exe)
    - BB Desktop Software v7.1.0.41 Bundle 42 (installer: 710_b042_multilanguage.exe)

    POSReady2009 is basically a trimmed down versions of XP SP3. It was initially installed without any .NET at all. NET v3.5 SP1 and VC Redist 2008 SP1 are required to run BB Desktop Software. There is no Java Runtime installed, it seems that BBHTool only needs JRE for the PlayBook:

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    I always used the one from the Explorer site.... but with XP you might need an older one. If they were still active on twitter, you might ask them...
    05-20-19 10:43 AM
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    Thanks. I have sorted this out on my own.


    - v2.4.9.7a
    - works on Windows XP



    - v2.5 Final
    - does not work on XP
    - works ok on Windows 7
    - limited support for shrinking BB10



    For those who are not familiar or up-to-date with other BBOS utilities, BBHTool offers the following advantages when compared to BBSAK, BBBoss, or BBMCP:

    - it was actively developed until 2012
    - portable application
    - support for BBOS v7.1
    - separate JAD file created for each third party app
    - larger feature set
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