1. agula001's Avatar
    so i got the both apps to work with eachother my question is this. for those of you who have both working, whenever you get a sms or an email etc does your notification light flash red when it first lights up and then after that go to your assigned color? because that is what mine is doing and i was just wondering if that was normal.
    11-17-08 12:43 AM
  2. brianjr88's Avatar
    with bb alerts in the options untick ignore sms intended for applications also what verson are u runnin?? cuz i got 1.65 and its fine
    11-17-08 01:08 AM
  3. agula001's Avatar
    i running peekawho 1.160 and bbalerts 1.65
    11-17-08 01:13 AM
  4. brianjr88's Avatar
    well not sure about peekawho not runnin that trashsoftware but anyways
    11-17-08 01:14 AM
  5. CipherDias's Avatar
    Nope it goes straight to the assigned color
    11-17-08 06:42 AM
  6. richardlhughes's Avatar
    I didn't find peekawho to work very well. This app didn't always show pictures of my contacts for SMS there were in my contact list. Also, every SMS when clicking on goto msg goes to my default all message folder. I have seperate folder SMS messages.
    11-17-08 03:57 PM
  7. agula001's Avatar
    yeah richard im having the same problem with peekawho. Some pictures would show up and some wouldn't, i found the cause was that the ones that worked had a 1 in front of the #. and then i just separated my folder and now i run into this problem.

    So i decided todrop peekawho and just stick with bbalerts
    11-17-08 06:35 PM