1. KeithF40's Avatar
    Got bbalerts but I'm not getting alerts for sms

    Anyone else have this problem

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    07-10-08 02:13 AM
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    bump bump bump bump
    07-10-08 11:20 PM
  3. pearlyrob's Avatar
    Well...the first thing is, do you have the "alert to SMS" box checked? Does everything else work? Are you using that SMS alert app too? Let me know.


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    07-10-08 11:56 PM
  4. KeithF40's Avatar
    I dont see that option. Is it in bbalerts or in the main bb software?
    07-11-08 07:32 PM
  5. pearlyrob's Avatar
    if you open blackberry alerts and press menu, select options, in there you will find you can select for what alerts the program uses...make sure the box is checked for sms alerts, and then go into assign colors and be sure sms is given a color! try that and let me know how it goes!

    07-11-08 08:40 PM
  6. KeithF40's Avatar
    ok thats what i thought you meant.

    i have both of those set properly, also bbm doesnt show up in the log or light up the appropriate color so i set email, missed calls, and jivetalk to flash a different color than the default red so that when bbm flashes itll be the only program flashing red so i will know its bbm.
    07-12-08 06:58 PM
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    bump bump bump bump
    07-13-08 11:39 PM
  8. pearlyrob's Avatar
    hrm thats odd...ok go to set schedule under options again...and select always alert, bbm doesnt have a choice for a color, just so you know.
    07-14-08 01:00 AM
  9. KeithF40's Avatar
    Did. Still no dice.
    07-14-08 11:03 PM
  10. pearlyrob's Avatar
    I really wish I could help, I thought I new everything about bb alerts...I wish I could see it, it might help...can you take screenshots of all the settings? let me know

    07-14-08 11:19 PM
  11. KeithF40's Avatar
    Taking screen shots of my camera phone hmmmm. I got a digital camera actually somewhere Ill go dig it up and post pictures tomorrow, which there was a print screen type option for bb, is there?
    07-15-08 02:10 AM
  12. KeithF40's Avatar
    Ok figured it out, I found a way to get screenshots onto your comp through JDE using dos commands. If anyone knows of a better way or a way to do it straight through the phone, let me know.

    Anyway here are the pics. I hope I did everything right.

    This BMP image has the incorrect file extension.

    when trying to upload pics

    they open up and look fine on my comp
    07-15-08 02:32 AM
  13. pearlyrob's Avatar
    I dont see anything...
    07-15-08 02:43 AM
  14. KeithF40's Avatar
    it wont let me upload the photos

    idk why
    07-15-08 04:43 AM
  15. TBryant82's Avatar
    I've always had issues with bbalearts and having it work correctly. When I had vers. 4.3, it never worked. It would always have the boring ol' red LED. So I quit using it, but after i upgraded to 4.5 i haven't had any problems. So I understand where your coming from and unfortunatly there is no way to fix it unless you have 4.5 (so far) lol
    07-15-08 02:39 PM
  16. KeithF40's Avatar
    For some reason the about wont work so I cant see what OS I have. Apparently one of the things I deleted when trying to optimize my memory stops you from viewing about, or so I was told.

    Does anyone remember what this was?

    Also I think I have 4.3, how do I upgrade my vzw curve so 4.5, or can I even?

    The calendar reminder, emails, and missed calls come up in the log and turn the appropriate color but bbm and sms don't for some reason.
    07-15-08 09:38 PM
  17. TBryant82's Avatar
    Deleting Voice activated dialing will disable you to view your "about" link on your phone. I had the exact same problem as you did with bbalerts. If you want to upgrade your OS to 4.5 beta, then you would have to find the link by googling it. Not aloud to post the link to it. Hope this helps :/
    07-15-08 09:43 PM
  18. pearlyrob's Avatar
    Press and hold ALT followed by the letters EACE. That will show your about screen. I'm running 4.3 without any problems with bb alerts. I love this program!!

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    07-16-08 12:01 AM
  19. KeithF40's Avatar
    Good tip rob gotta remember that. alt+a is REALLY hard to do.
    07-16-08 01:38 AM
  20. KeithF40's Avatar
    Got myself

    Is there anyway to setup some kind of shortcut to get this about menu up in this format, give alot of great info like battery numerical.

    Is 4.5 beta the only newer os than the one I got.

    Also how stable in 4.5, are there any problems, plus voice dialing sucks, at least for me, so def not putting that back on my phone just a waste of space although the curve has tons of memory for almost anyone.
    07-16-08 01:40 AM
  21. jwgraves's Avatar
    If you're still looking for a shortcut to get the 'About' screen to display, you can do ALT-Shift-H
    07-31-08 12:22 PM
  22. powera's Avatar
    yeah, I have 4.5 and no problems, must be your OS
    08-01-08 11:24 AM
  23. xealtje's Avatar

    I've got the same problem with BBalerts.

    The only thing you can do is do a complete wipe of the phone + uninstall 3th party apps (you can choose that option when you wipe) and install the program again.

    The only thing that keeps me from doing that is that i need to request a new enterprise activation password here at the IT desk.

    Let me know how it works out for you ;-)

    01-06-09 04:49 AM
  24. theYuck's Avatar
    Same problem here. All of the alerts work fine except for the sms alert. I'm running 4. 3.

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    01-19-09 01:17 PM