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    I have tons of stations that I can up/down rank a song, no problem. Recently I created a station (60's pop/rock) from a pick list on the browser version of Pandora, on my PC.

    On my Storm2: When I play that station I can't rank the songs up or down. The buttons are grayed out and a message pops up about it being a "shared" station, which it is NOT. I don't have this issue when playing that station on my Touch or my computer. Anyone know about this issue on Pandora for the BB?

    I found this: Pandora FAQ

    but it doesn't answer my question, because my Touch works fine. only the storm is having issues with that station.

    I'm recreating the station now and will report back with any progress.\

    FIXED! Apparently I had to "make the station my own" BEFORE first accessing it on the Storm. That particular station was "shared" by someone on the Pandora system, and even though I converted it to my "own", the changes didn't affect the station on the Storm, despite numerous restarts of the app.
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