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    hey guys. i noticed i was missing an icon when i upgraded to .266 but couldnt put my finger on which one. today, i was giving a tour of what its like to have a blackberry to a friend who was considering an iphone (boo!) and i tried to show him bb maps... it was nowhere, i tried unhiding all icons and looking through all folders but it was nowhere. it IS in my applications list and I DID use the search function. it is addressed but majority of the people just say "resend service books" or "change to a nonATT theme" or "reinstall through dm + batt pull"

    around the end of march, i guess ATT hid the icon via service books to push ATT Navigator sales for $9.99/Mo. Only working workaround is the BB Messenger one but i'd like to know if anyone has found a way to make the icon reappear or a better workaround. Again... resending service books, changing to a nonATT theme, and reinstalling bb maps through DM has all been considered and done so those three options obviously are not working. any suggestions, tips, or tricks?
    05-01-09 05:38 PM
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    None that I know of, other than what you mentioned - bb messenger. I like bb maps and when I want to use I send my location to myself and open it from there. Kind of annoying but no other solution. But if there is I'd love to hear about it too.

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    05-02-09 12:25 AM