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    Last Thursday I downloaded quickpull from this site on to my 9530. The next day my bb will not work at all. I get all these error messages uncaught exception, process terminated then eventually my screen goes white...It dropped one of my email accounts, I couldn't receive calls, make calls or open anything except for my contacts. Monday, I spent the afternoon at a Telus centre and the rep there got on a landline for 2hours with someone and they seemed to fix it, everything was back on my phone & it worked for the rest of the day. They lost all my email in the process but at least it was working... The next day I wake up, late, as my bb alarm did not go off and I discover I have issues again, only this time I can receive and make calls but the only thing I can open is contacts again, no email, browser, nothing! So I spent 4hours on the phone with Telus last night to fix it and the end result is they tell me cannot help me as my phone is so messed up it will not even hook up to Desktop Manager. We tried uninstalling DM from my home computer and reinstalling it...DM will work only until the phone is hooked up to it and then the screens go from black to grey again. Of course my warranty has expired on the phone Feb 21 as well. So Telus, who I have a 3yr contract with and I got the phone from, tells me there is nothing they can do for me. They suggest I try taking it back to the exact dealer I got it from and they can send it out for service. Of course that dealer is about an hour drive away for me so I cannot get there until the weekend. WTF. I am absolutely lost without my bb...of course I use it for business so I am losing money without it ... Has anyone had this problem? I would like to be able to get into my apps and delete quickpull then back up and restore my phone but this is impossible when I can't get into the darn thing all. There must be somethiing that can be done. Has anyone had something similar happen? Is Quickpull not compatible with the 9530? Any ideas? HELP!
    04-21-10 02:54 PM
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    Is Quickpull not compatible with the 9530? Any ideas? HELP!
    Newer version (4.0.1) has just been released - seems to work fine on .692 Hybrid (419/484-Based) for the 9530. Free version does have annoying advertisements displayed when used.

    WHY this is not an OS option for at least the STORM, I do not understand.
    05-22-10 12:04 PM