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    The new update doesn't allow for playbook browser to connect. I just had my 9550 v5.0.0.1015 bundle 1656, platform replaced and had to get the new BB Bridge update. I'm getting this message " your service provider does not support sharing your blackberry smartphones internet connection with this tablet. You can use your blackberry smartphone to view this page."

    I've uninstalled bb bridge did batt pull, security swipe, and restored my settings with bb desktop Manager . I'm with vzn checked with tech support they haven't changed anything on there end. I'm on an unlimited data plan.

    Three weeks ago I broke my 9550 had to start from scratch, did above steps with the previous bb bridge .25 worked just fine. Lost that phone started over now this.

    I've tried getting the v.25 from rroyy and I'm getting the message "the downloaded module is incompatible with data already stored on the device. Upgrade anyway(some apps may not funtion) replace or cancel" replace then "download failed." details 907 invalid COD. I get the same results after I uninstall bb bridge batt pull and try to get the rroyy version
    06-10-12 12:54 PM
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    Apn was enabled I turned it off now I'm up and running
    06-17-12 10:30 AM