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    I downloaded an application called "e-Mobile Sports" from the blackberry app world - right onto my Blackberry Storm 9530, turns out it was not compatible with my phone (at all), I couldn't do anything, it was basically a "dead" program.

    I called Blackberry directly and asked for a compatible version, or the possibility of a refund, since it was offered to me and said nothing about it not being compatible with my phone.

    After 2 full days of deliberations with Blackberry (RIM) and e-Mobile (the software creator), I have gotten no where.

    Blackberry holds VERY STRONG with their policy that they DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS ON ANYTHING - NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, and e-Mobile claims that it is up to Blackberry to make the situation right with me, they are only the software developer, blackberry is the market place, so they should be the one to deal with my problem.

    As it stands right now (after 2 days of confusion and frustration), I am out of $19,99, and have no choices to get anything back for it in return.

    I wanted to make sure and let you all know of this because I know a lot of readers out there have the BLACKBERRY APP WORLD and I don't want them to get burned like I did. Talk about feeling completely and utterly HELPLESS.

    Long story short, I HIGHLY SUGGEST purchasing all apps from CrackBerry.com's App Store. I have purchased several apps from this site and have had nothing but great customer service from them. If there ever is a problem, they are very good at making sure your problem is taken care of.

    A little food for thought...
    04-29-09 11:46 PM
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    That sux. Hope you can get some resolution on this.

    I hated AW, it was a huge memory hog for me. I deleted it after 2 days.

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    04-29-09 11:52 PM
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    04-30-09 12:08 AM