1. aussiemom's Avatar
    Got a message this morning that an update was available for Blackberry App World. I initiated the update, but it aborted at some point saying the server wasn't available.

    Now, I can't find App World anywhere on my BB and when I try to do anything with the message (open it or delete it), the phone freezes for a minute or two and then just goes back to where it was without doing anything.

    I've tried a battery pull (several actually) with no luck. Any other suggestions to get rid of the message? Or how to find the App World application on my phone? It shows up as being installed (with the latest release # - the one that aborted), but I can't find it anywhere...

    06-16-10 10:31 PM
  2. wnm's Avatar
    There is a known issued with App World .35 not showing up on your BB even though it is installed. The only reported fix at the moment is to wipe your device, reinstall the OS and then install App World .33 (previous version). App World 2.0 is coming soon, so it may be best to wait.
    06-17-10 06:19 AM
  3. aussiemom's Avatar
    Thanks for your response. I was finally able to get rid of the app & the update msg by using Desktop Manager to "uninstall" it. I didn't really want to go through the whole wipe/reload procedure, so I'm glad this worked!

    Now I'll just wait 'til the next version comes out before installing it again...
    06-18-10 02:20 PM
  4. wnm's Avatar
    You're welcome.
    06-18-10 02:27 PM