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    Tryed buying apps for the first time. The second app I purchase it fails to install!
    At the end of the installation it just says "There was a problem during installation" with an OK button.
    At the bottom of the app info screen there's a Support button but that just opens an email to the software designers.
    If its going to be a hastle I'd rather have a refund.
    I don't see any options for that, or even any way to contact.
    I also noticed that there is no compatability info on the app description page. Does App World know and only display apps for my modle?

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    04-25-09 01:07 PM
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    I also had a similar problem, it said an error occurred an I need 2 contact app world support, I tried with my bb I tried with a pc an couldn't figure out how 2 get ahold of em, I eventually called vzw an they directed me 2 rim's bb support an they told me on file it shows the payment never made it passed paypal an I should wait a few days 2 c if it goes through or call vzw bb support but I got the conformation email from both app world and paypal, so needless 2 say is I got fed up with the hassle an gave up n said screw it I lost $5. I kno this don't help but jus showin ur not alone on this

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    04-25-09 01:23 PM
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    I had a problem recently where, every time I tried to download an app, it would fail about five minutes in. However, the App World should save the download at the point where it failed, so you can go back and start downloading again without having lost any of the data that did manage to make it. Check under the "My World" icon to see if your download is still there, if some of it managed to download, and if you can restart the download process.
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    04-25-09 01:23 PM
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    Thanks. However I didn't mention that I returned to My World and attempted to reinstall three more times. I'll try waiting for Payment confirmation, then call Verizon monday.

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    04-25-09 02:13 PM
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    I had this same problem when I bought an app with the .27 version of app world. What I did was close out and then reopen the app. I then went to the the My World section and clicked on the app but it gave me the same error again. I logged into my pay pal account from App World and let it reconcile my apps. I then clicked on the app and this time it downloaded.

    Here is what BB has to say about refunds.
    Can customers request a refund after they purchase an application?
    BlackBerry App World generally does not offer refunds to consumers. However, for those jurisdictions where the RIM merchant of record is obliged to provide a refund, the refund may be processed by RIM.

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    04-25-09 02:16 PM
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    Mine downloads. At the end it says "there was an error during installation.
    So I tried reconciling with Paypal. Didn't work.
    So I deleted App World. I was running .26 and installed .28 Still resulted in an error during installation.

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    04-25-09 03:22 PM