1. chinta2009's Avatar
    HI all,

    I just got a BB 9000 unlocked and i am currently using a dutch carrier (currently w/o data plan). As i had the iphone previous this BB and wifi connection at home i could still use facebook and gmail app without problem. I have downloaded the facebook and gmail app on my BB (with wi fi connection) but its not working. It says i need a data plan, which i currently do not have at the moment. Is there no way to let it work with only Wi Fi connection?

    Please help
    01-17-10 04:52 AM
  2. 5aq1b's Avatar
    you need to have blackberry services enabled on your phone plan. You then need to associate your Blackberry account with your Blackberry device. Once thats done, you can then use apps which use data over mobile network or by WiFi, because even over WiFi, you still connect to the blackberry server.
    01-17-10 06:38 AM