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    Hello, please bare with me as I try to explain what's going on and what I need help with.

    Bought a BB 8520 from newegg.com. It's unlocked. I tried to download the FB app and it sent me to a TMOBILE log in where I noticed it shows that the phone is then locked. I have NOT downloaded the 5.0 OS. We are with Family Mobile through walmart but the use tmobile as a carrier.

    I saw somewhere on here that the 5.0 has glitches with apps. So I tried downloading the IM Italy v4.6.1.409 but for some reason every time I click to open it, it wants to start re installing itself.

    So can someone help me? I have no idea where to start and I was wondering is my phone only partially unlocked? I can make calls, text, and browse the web but I cannot download apps. It also doesn't give me the option to set up my personal email. It only gives me the option of setting up a work email which I do not have. Can someone take a minute to walk me through what I need to do, if I"m even trying to download the right DM. And OS and DM are two different downloads correct?

    Thanks. ~ashlie
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    You need a BLACKBERRY Data Plan in order to use BlackBerry Data Features such as the Facebook application and Personal Email.

    I do not believe that BLACKBERRY Data is available on the Walmart Family plans.
    02-29-12 05:48 AM