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    So I got me a 9220 then had it re-flashed because it was quirky.

    Before it was flashed, I had the battery saver app (as indicated in the manual, options > devices > batt saver

    I can't find it now. Was this a third party app? If not, can anyone point me where I can download it?

    07-20-12 08:06 PM
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    OK, this happened to me aswell, but when i did and upgrade and a shrink i had it back.

    try this: Open options > hold alt > type 'bbda' > close options (with esc key) > reopen options to look for it

    Now if device analyzer was not enabled, it should be now - hopefully with the battery saver. Please inform of the outcome ;p
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    07-21-12 01:00 AM
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    Thanks for the quick reply, Novaone!

    Alas, it didn't work. And by device analyzer I'm assuming you're referring to App Management?

    If yes, I can see it even before I posted.

    If that's not it, can you kindly tell me where to find it?

    Thanks again!
    07-21-12 01:39 AM
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    Device analyzer refers to this screen (1st screenshot). From it you can run multiple diagnostic tests.

    Just for sake of clarity, Batter Saving Mode is what is missing.

    My best guess, is to try another wipe and reinstall- but when restoring your backup, use the "Selected Data" option and don't bother with restoring all of the 'I]options[/I]'such as "Options - Stores miscellaneous configuration options."

    Not restoring all my data worked for me.

    This database guide is very helpful

    Stop me if that's too much.
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    07-21-12 03:16 PM
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    Hmm... Thanks again Nova! Anyway, I understand. I'l give that a shot then.

    Nonetheless, would you know if the batt saving mode (app) is critical? Does it have a significant impact on the phone's performance?

    07-22-12 10:08 AM
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    I'm trying to determine that myself. Its not critical but handy.

    When I bought my 9320 it was stock with .391 and before restoring my data battery saving mode was there in device options. After restore it and device analyzer vanished.

    Anyway I'll let ya know
    07-22-12 07:21 PM
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    Will look out for your update. Thanks!
    07-23-12 02:16 AM
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    Hey nue_berry, to give you an update, far as I can tell you are not missing much. At idle my 9320 uses ~1.0% or less and hour without it, and did not find a significant difference when the mode was enabled.

    I might say that I found that twitter with battery saving mode enabled seemed to use more battery and temp increased. But that may be anecdotal at best.

    Unless there is another member with a more methodical study of this option, just be sure to use .523 [which i think you are]
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    08-04-12 03:34 AM
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    Thanks for following-through, Novaone!

    It seems there is not much of an impact after all... When you say ".523" are you referring to the OS version? Sorry, BB n00b at work here.
    08-10-12 05:21 AM