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    At customer request, here is a simple app that allows you to set a ringtone to sound when charging reaches a preselected level:

    Battery Ready

    While writing this, I double-checked some things I'd read in the past about the type of batteries used in cell phones (Lithium-ion). Based on that, the default setting is to chime at 99%, so you can unplug just before the battery is fully charged. From what I've read, that may help prevent degradation of the battery to keep it stronger for a longer service life.

    Supposedly what happens is that when a Li-ion battery is topped off, some of the metal ions migrate out of the electrolyte and form plating on the internal electrodes, which is permanent -- those ions are then no longer mobile, effectively lost, so the battery loses some of its capacity.

    But that wasn't even what the customer who requested this was after, he just wanted a BlackBerry version of an Android app called "Eco Charger", to save power by not leaving the charger plugged in longer than necessary.

    Anyway, here it is. It's a free option if you have Liquid Nitrogen, or $1 by itself.

    Free Trial

    (the L.N. version is still pending approval in App World, but the above link will install and activate it if you have the license. Otherwise, it's a 3-day renewable trial.)
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    Nice Application.

    Users can also turned on event sounds in accessibility options.
    05-25-12 08:32 AM
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    Thanks, I didn't know about that. What sound does that make when the battery is fully charged?

    If someone wants to set what level it notifies at, and what ringtone it uses, I don't see a way to do that without an app.

    Also, it says here that Accessibility Event Sounds are not affected by the current profile. So if you have the phone in silent or vibe mode, it would still sound using that method, unless you remembered to also go back into Accessibility and turn the sounds off.

    "Battery Ready" does let you set different notifications depending on the current profile, so if you plug the phone in, put it in silent mode and go to sleep, it won't wake you up with a sound when the battery's done charging hours later.
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    This app is free on Memorial Day
    05-28-12 11:32 AM