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    Hello all, as a long time user of BatteryEx free, with the demise of mobihand I'm struggling to find an alternative and would appreciate recommendations. I'd willingly pay for a good app (and would get BatteryEx paid if there didn't seem to be so many unanswered licence key issues). To sum up - I'm looking for an app which shows the remaining battery percentage in the status/notification bar (not in the menu or app icon). Another must is the app not draining battery itself!

    Many thanks all
    12-30-12 04:59 AM
  2. jafrul's Avatar
    I'd simply direct u to 'advance os and led app'...
    u got that batt indicator plus more which will keep u excited for the next one month of explorations before BB10 launch.
    its just amazing.

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    12-30-12 05:17 AM
  3. 3Dee's Avatar
    For info in case anyone searches for the same thing in future - I went with 'Battery Notification' by Raypho (I wanted a standalone app which just displayed battery). So far it seems okay, pretty accurate. No charging indicator when charging which is taking a bit of getting used to. Overall it's good, and I'd recommend it to someone looking for a simple battery percentage indicator app (but I'd rather have BatteryEx given the choice).
    01-06-13 01:30 AM
  4. Mojave's Avatar
    01-06-13 06:48 AM
  5. abramadhi's Avatar
    I'm using meterberry. It can put a small icon in the notification bar for remaining memory or battery or battery temp.
    01-09-13 11:51 AM
  6. go1ndr's Avatar
    I agree with the Adv_OS and LED app from AppWorld. It does a multitude of different tasks including a very accurate battery monitor. It also has led lights that you can set for contacts, programs, etc, flashlight, popups, screenshots, time/date, wallpapers, temperature, contact manager, etc. It is probably the best app on AppWorld and there are tons of threads on here attesting to it. It's free but they also have a paid app. The free one is all you need.
    01-09-13 02:54 PM
  7. 3Dee's Avatar
    For info in case anyone looks for an alternative for BatterEx free in the future - after a little while with Battery Notification I didn't particularly like it (and had some battery level problems which I think were probably just coincidental), tried QuiteSimple by SmartBIndie which I prefered, but eventually just decideded to purchase BatteryEx paid (which is great) and am hoping that I don't have any registration problems down the line.

    So, my conclusion is that (in my opinion) the best replacement for BatteryEx, is BatteryEx.
    01-18-13 04:15 PM

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