1. rdzlyz's Avatar
    staying signed on in aim, yahoo or face book in the background will it affect battery life since it uses our internet to access stuff like im's and notices and things
    09-10-08 02:53 AM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    The only one of those apps I have is Yahoo Messenger and I
    usually leave it running and it really has no effect on my
    battery, but it is always a good idea to close any app you
    are not using.
    09-10-08 02:57 AM
  3. CBRfanatic's Avatar
    I don't think it will drain anymore than bbm, maybe when you use aim a lot

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    09-10-08 02:58 AM
  4. rdzlyz's Avatar
    i have sprint aim gets forwarded to my fone but i use yahoo also and i have to use the app since sprint cant pay yahoo right so we can register our numbers.

    i have facebook running in the background

    i had it running today but not all day, i should try running it for the whole day and see what the batt life will be, prolly yahoo messenger also running. i know i can survive all day wit my heavy user *** lol...
    09-10-08 03:00 AM
  5. kyriefurro's Avatar
    I don't have any of those apps running, but I do have JiveTalk installed and its running any time I'm away from home. The impact on the battery is pretty small with one exception. If for some reason one of my IM accounts can't log in (bad password, server down, whatever), then it tries over and over and completely kills the battery.
    09-10-08 11:32 AM