1. nickwelage's Avatar
    Hey guys...I love all the positive talk about the Tour.

    I am coming fromt he 8330, which I loved, but I think the Tour is really going to be a great device.

    I do wonder about applications shortcuts such as MLB and ESPN.

    Anyone find any of these that work? I'm a huge sports fan and want to have this thing loaded up with as much as I can. (having all this memory is fantastic!)

    Any ideas/answers would be appreciated!

    07-16-09 10:56 AM
  2. skibs24's Avatar
    I did email MLB.com and they helped me get the shortcut working. I deleted the app (I had the Brewers shortcut) and went to Internet Options and cleared the history, cookies and cache. Did a reboot. Then I went to The Official Site of Major League Baseball | MLB.com: Homepage and redownloaded the app and it works now! It is now version 2.0 instead of the old 1.0 I had on my curve. Hope this helps!
    07-16-09 11:16 AM